Warm, chocolate chip, pecan cookies

IMG_4826Warm, chocolate chip, pecan cookies from the oven is where the passion began. It was our little Christmas tradition. From the moment I was able to see over the kitchen counter, Momma and I prepared the same dessert menu. We mixed sugar, butter, eggs, flour, vanilla, chocolate morsels and pecans. The flecks of sugar in the dough resembled the sparkles in the decor of our home. As I eagerly awaited for these yummy confections to rise to golden perfection, I dipped my little fingers in the bowl from which they were prepared to eat the cookie dough (something I don’t recommend now that I know better).

Today our clients rave about those classic chocolate chip, pecan cookies. Now a signature menu item at Sweet Luxuries, the tradition that Momma and I established continues. I relive those fleeting moments as a novice baker nearly 30 years ago. Of course the time has allowed me to perfect them, but the preparation is always the same. Use impeccably fresh ingredients, adding more love that anything else.

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