Game On!

Super Bowl, America’s unofficial holiday is in full swing.  What makes it even better this year is that my hometown hosts the week long event.  Years of preparation comes down to one week of excitement, celebration and positive economic impact.  The stage is set showcsing to the entire world a diverse, football-friendly and polished city Houston presents.

Rewind 13 years ago almost to the date in 2004, the last time Houston hosted the Super Bowl.  Once again, The New England Patriots earned a spot matching their rival, The Carolina Panthers.  Our hometown favorite, Beyonce opened the game with the national anthem and finally the game that we’d all been waiting for began.  My memory of Super Bowl 38 is much more different than this year’s.  Now I own a business and as a bakery owner I view this event through the lenses of a business owner.

The excitement is contagious as I drive pass our downtown.  Lights fill the downtown sky, the Goodyear blimp hovers over Discovery Park and all local new station have set up posts near the George R. Brown convention center, temporarily abandoning their new station post to get closer to the action.  But what does all of this mean for the average Houstonian and in my case, a bakery owner.  Experts estimate an economic impact betwee $350 to $500 million dollars in a single week with small businesses expecting to see more traffic in their storefronts.

In 2004, the Super Bowl was a spectator sport.  In 2017, it is important to make my presence know.  Advertising on all front has provent to reap rewards for Sweet Luxuries Bakery.  Social media, newsletters, and print in our store front delivers a strong mesage to my customers. Sure you can build it but they will not come if you do not let the know.  As a Souther girl, my passion for football runs deep.  This event is more than a game to me.  This year the Super Bowl is where the game I enjoy intersects with the passion I built and the city that I love.

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